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 Our classic roadsters & convertibles
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Lincoln Continental
The Deux Chevaux, The Slow Rider
(special model only for french and italian market)
Details Details
  Color: Indian Curry (Cuivre Indien)
Seats: black
BMW Z1 - The unusual roadster Details Details
  Green-metallic, leather inside

Model 1991

 2 seats, 5 course transmission, 2.5 l of 6 cylinders engine, 170 HP/125 KW, power steering, 16 inch chassis
Austin Healey
Austin Healey 3000 Details Details
  Red /chrome, 2+2 Seats
  Model 1961 (Mark II) Layout: Front Engine, Rear wheel drive
Engine: Six cylinder, ohv, four main bearings.
Austin Healey
Austin Healey Sprite MK I - The Frog Details Details
  British Racing Green, black Interior
  Model '59 Engine: 1275 ccm, Weber Carburetor
72 HP/53 KW; Transmission: 4-Speed manual
Mercedes Benz 230 SL Details Details
  Tobacco colored top, bordeaux colored MB-Tex interior equipment, 2 seater
  Model 1961 150 DIN-PS,
power steering, 4-channel control gear
Mercedes Benz 280 SL Details Details
  Burgundy, creme, 2 seater
  Model 1969 2,8l 6 cylinder in-row, 190 SAE-HP,
4-speed automatic transmission, power steering, a/c
Mercedes Benz 450 SL
MB 450 SL - take a smooth ride Details Details
  Light blue, dark blue leather; 2 seats, power steering
  Model 1972 4.5L 8-cylinder I.C.-engine of 225 HP; automatic; air conditioning; RC
Mercedes Heckflosse
Mercedes Benz 230 Heckflosse Details Details
  Automatic, coloured glass
  Model 1967 6 Zyl. 120 PS, power steering
MB 280 SE 4.5
MB 280 SE 4.5 - The"Old S-Class" Details Details
  Tobacco colored MB Tex equipment
  Model 1971 4.5 l V8 engine, 3 gear automatic transmission transmission, air conditioner 195 hp/143 kW, power steering.
Mercedes 300 CE Details Details
  Elegant and strong coupé
  Model 1987
3 Litre 6-Cyl in row, M103, 180 hp, C124
4-speed automatic transmission
A/C, sunroof, leather interior, silver

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